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The people at ColorSpinner have built a web interface for NodeBox's Prism algorithm.
Prism retrieves color palettes for a given query word, based on what people are saying online.

ColorSpinner is an online database of colors harvested thus far. You can type in a search word to match with a color palette, and rate color palettes!


Screenshot from http://colorspinner.appspot.com/

In a combined effort between NodeBox and ColorSpinner we have also updated the Web library with support for Google queries (which Prism needs to create new color palettes).


Your own Prism

We regularly get requests from people whi want to peek at the Prism source code.
What you probably didn't know is that it's already there, scattered across the source code of the Web library and the Colors library.

  • In the Web library you'll find the web.google.sort() command. It will sort a list of words depending on how many web pages Google indexes for each word. You can then supply a context in which to search, e.g. red, green, blue in the sky context yields blue as best match.
  • Determining the shade of the color (dark blue sky or light blue sky?) is encapsulated in  color shades in the Colors library. A shade is a word like intense or cold matched against a range of colors that differ slightly in brightness and saturation.
  • The Colors library has a super-easy colors.google() command that determines the color ranges for a given word by calling web.google.sort(), and them groups them in a color theme:
colors = ximport("colors")
theme = colors.google("elegance")
theme.swarm(150, 150)
print choice(theme)


Help out 

The themes you harvest are stored as XML-files inside the Colors library folder aggregated/google/.
If you have a good set of colors (e.g. fruit, car brands, smells, ...) please archive and send it to us so we can expand our knowledgebase!