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headerDownload NodeBox
NodeBox is a Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code and export them as a PDF, an image or a Quicktime movie. NodeBox is free and well-documented.

downloadDownload NodeBox for Mac OS X (version 1.8.2)
PowerPC | Intel



Designed for Mac OS X Designed for Mac OS X
NodeBox is designed for Mac OS X 10.4, PowerPC or Intel.
Open Source Software Open Source
NodeBox is free open-source software and comes bundled with its source code. Developers can extend NodeBox or improve it.
Python Powered Python Powered
In NodeBox, you design with programming code, with language. NodeBox uses Python programming code which is easy to understand even for non-programmers.
Illustrator Import Illustrator Import
NodeBox integrates effortlessly with various document formats. In NodeBox, you can include your vector images from Adobe Illustrator. And with the additional support of the SVG library you can manipulate each curve individually in NodeBox.
features-coreimageCore Image support
Install the NodeBox Core Image library to create layered images. and then apply transformations, blend modes, alpha masks and filters to indivdual layers.
PDF Export PDF Export
The visual output you create in NodeBox exports to a PDF-document. You can automatically export multiple PDF-documents from the same script, and control the layout of each page individually.
Quicktime Export QuickTime Export
Aside from PDF-documents you can create animation in NodeBox as well. Animations can be exported as QuickTime movies that can be displayed on web pages.
NodeBox comes well documented:
  • a reference containing a detailed description of each NodeBox command
  • a tutorial with various techniques and examples to get you started
  • a library with a wealth of packages to extend NodeBox's capabilities
  • a gallery of examples.

Previous versions
NodeBox 1.0rc7
for users on Mac OS X 10.3

Source code
The source code can be found at http://dev.nodebox.net/