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Membrane | Dynamics in Core Image

Another test with Core Image. The Core Image library is currently undergoing a series of fixes and performance updates. One of the new things is the possiblity to take a cached (i.e. stored in memory) screenshot of a layer or a canvas. Then you can reinsert that as a layer in a canvas. This way you can stack modifications to a layer dynamically. You could use this process to create an interactive eraser or a painting application for example.

In the creepy icky membrane example below, the canvas consists of two layers. The top layer is altered with a bump distortion filter and a hole distortion filter. Then a screenshot of the layer is made. In the next frame of the animation this screenshot is then used as the new top layer. This way it will grow more holes and bumps with the bottom layer peeping through.

The speed update is significant so this makes working with Core Image real fun! The script is included in the Core Image library download so you can play around with it. Note that Core Image Dynamics is still experimental.


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Created by Tom De Smedt