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Perception | what things look and feel like

NodeBox Perception is a combination of an online web application and a library for NodeBox. The web app allows you to contribute to a network of semantic rules that describes how different things in the real world look, feel, smell or are experienced emotionally. The library allows you to analyze clusters of rules as a graph inside NodeBox.


Click to open the application

Our goal is to develop a bridge between natural language and visual output. By tagging words with sensory properties (e.g. the color red is a property of roses) we get some information on how an automated system could start visualizing such concepts.

This is part of our continued effort to make it easier for people with no programming or artistic background to express themselves creatively. The Perception network can help them define what they want. With the library they could import the data into NodeBox and link it to algorithms that provide visual suggestions based on what was entered as English text input.


Expanding the network - how to start?

Think of a central concept that interests you. Start adding rules to it (and remember to add some is-property-of rules). Then start thinking about the new concepts that were introduced in your rules. You'll quickly have a good cluster of knowledge.

For example:

  • Yoda is-a muppet
  • Yoda is-part-of Star Wars
  • The Force is-part-of Yoda
  • green is-property-of Yoda
  • small is-property-of Yoda
  • powerful is-property-of The Force
  • Star Wars is-a movie
  • ...


Created by Tom De Smedt and Frederik De Bleser