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headerAbout NodeBox
NodeBox allows you to create visual output with programming code. The application targets an audience of designers, with an easy set of state commands that is both intuitive and creative. It is essentially a learning environment and an automation tool.

NodeBox was based on DrawBot 0.9a. NodeBox has been online since 2002 (see also the NodeBox research project site). The software is open source and available under the MIT license.

NodeBox is being developed by Frederik De Bleser and Tom De Smedt. The research coordinator is Lucas Nijs. If you have a question about NodeBox, feel free to contact us:

Experimental Media Research Group (EMRG)
St. Lucas School of Arts
Sint-Jozefstraat 35, B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium (map)
frederik at burocrazy.com | tom at organisms.be | lucasnijs at gmail.com

For questions about the cross-platform Qt version:
stefan.gabriels at gmail.com

For citations you can use the following form:
Frederik De Bleser, Tom De Smedt, Lucas Nijs (2002). NodeBox version 1.9.5 for Mac OS X.
Retrieved March 2010, from: http://nodebox.net


About Python

NodeBox is written in Python. Although it has a limited set of commands, NodeBox has full Python support, making it a useful tool for advanced Python programmers as well. Some specific Python is already integrated in this NodeBox extension, such as support for Kant Generator Pro XML-files.

About Processing

NodeBox is a "state machine". As such, it is easier to understand by people that have no experience in programming. The idea of a state machine, and most of the command set, is adopted from Processing, an open project initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas. Processing is a Java learning environment that has dynamic and 3D functionality. Once you know Processing, you know NodeBox.

NodeBox API's

Mark Polishook is developing a bridge from SuperCollider to NodeBox.

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