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Clever tools for curious creatives.

The NodeBox family of tools gives you the leverage to create generative design the way you want.

Using our open-source tools we enable designers to automate boring production challenges, visualize large sets of data and access the raw power of the computer without thinking in ones and zeroes. Our tools integrate with traditional design applications and run on many platforms.

NodeBox 1 screenshot

NodeBox 1

Code, Iterate, Print

Mac app for creating 2D visuals using Python programming code.

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NodeBox OpenGL screenshot

NodeBox OpenGL

Code, Animate

Fast cross platform graphics library.

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The creators of NodeBox have organized workshops internationally since 2004. These one-week sessions focus on learning the software combined with insights into the principles of generative art, data visualization and cognitive science.

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Logo of EMRG

NodeBox is developed by the Experimental Media Research Group, a cross-domain research group associated with the Sint Lucas School of arts of the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool (Antwerp, Belgium).

EMRG has been active since 2004 developing NodeBox and doing cutting-edge research in the domain of computer graphics, user experience, creativity, but also in artificial intelligence and natural language processing.