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Cars | racing with the reactable

As an add-on to the introductionary course in NodeBox at the St. Lucas School of Arts we wanted to try out the posibilities of Jannis Leidel's TUIO library by creating a small NodeBox/reactable game.

The TUIO library allows a webcam to recognise certain geometric shapes called fiducials. The webcam is able to track the movement and rotation of these shapes so it allows you to build a custom interface unlike the mouse and keyboard.


Students focused on the following principles:

  • The arena had to draw itself.
  • By leaving the track the car would slow down rapidly. A set of dynamic checkpoints were introduced and a check that kept track of the position of each car with respect to the circuit.
  • We wanted the game to be multiplayer so class programming techniques came in handy. The game relies on two classes, one for the dynamic arena and one for the car.

Here are some samples of autogenerated racing tracks:





View source code


Created at EMG
Students: Wim Van Aerschot, Vladimir Jartsev, Gilles Pinseel