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ConceptNet Graphs

A NodeBox code library that graphs data from ConceptNet, a commonsense knowledgebase and natural-language-processing toolkit written in Python. Graphic design commonly deals with problems that require a conceptual approach: before designing anything one generally wonders what essentially needs to be communicated, and what that essence is constituted of.

Graphs like these help graphic design students dissect and structure their ideas. The ConceptNet database furthermore provides an interesting basis for programming algorithms that design autonomously.

The code library consists of a Concepts class and a Tree class (consisting of Nodes and Leafs) that supports a templating system for fonts and colors, roaming algorithms (so none of the data nodes overlap, thereby rendering valuable data illegible), a dump algorithm that provides an orderly table view of all the data in the tree, juxtaposition of two nodes, and much more.

Created by Tom De Smedt

Some additional examples (PDF format):