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A NodeBox piece by Tom De Smedt, Ludivine Lechat and Jo Cols. This time, instead of focusing on plants and insects, we wanted to take a look at bigger organisms... from the inside out.

The design is based on interactions with the department of Morphology at the University Ghent, Belgium. The tangible piece is 350cm x 100cm and was exhibited in Ghent from the 17th of November till the 19th of December 2009.




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Most of the source code consists of modifications of documented examples:

  • Roots from Superfolia to create the veins. 
  • Tendrils to grow the spine structures.
  • SVG and some geometry came in handy to import the illustrations by Ludivine and Jo.
  • Giorgio's linecap forum post to get the connections between vein segments right.
  • Core Image to render shadows and blur.
    A lot of the final effects were actually realised in Photoshop because - as many of you know - the NodeBox Core Image library has its limitations.

 Download some of the SVG components for free (Creative Commons license).


Created by Tom De Smedt, Ludivine Lechat, Joachim Cols
Thanks: Guy Bovyn (curator), Marjan Doom (department of morphology, University Ghent)