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Flowerewolf builds on WordNet to create experimental poetry on any possible subject. Flowerewolf (the program came up with its own name, which is an incorporation of two words and even a palindrome) can handle basic rules of poetry, like alliteration, consonation, eloquent (read: stiff upper-lip) speech, couplets, verse. Flowerewolf even has his own visual style, not unlike Paul Van Ostaijen.

Flowerewolf has an eccentric sense of humor and an acquired taste for eloquence. Like constructing musing poems on oilfish and describing them as mystical mackerels for example.

Here is an example of a poem on rabbits:

downloadSource code: flowerewolf.zip (170 KB)
You'll also need the en library.

Examples: 1 2 3 4 5 6

There's also a widget with a small part of the Flowerewolf-code made available (download here: flowerewolf.wdgt.zip). Cool! Now you can generate names like Flowerewolf, Computerus and Deathletics for your software (or your pets) as well!



Created by Tom De Smedt.