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Prism (13)

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One day, we had a visitor from a graphic design institute in Toulouse. With polite interest he was looking at the NodeBox examples we were showing him, until he became agitated with this Prism example based on a Toulouse query.

It came out that the city had recently employed a design agency to devise some new colors for the city... which is likely an expensive assignment... which yielded very comparable results to this query which completed the job in ten seconds...

Coincidince or not, something weird is going on. Toulouse is generally described as being La Ville Rose (Pink City) for its distinctive brick architecture. Backtracking Prism's algorithms on the internet, we find that: "le 30 avril 2004, Toulouse est devenue Ville Orange, c'est à dire la première ville en France à tester l'UMTS, le téléphone mobile de Troisième Génération.", we get various references to Woman with a Black Boa by Toulouse-Lautrec, and something funny called _Microsoft's Blue Hat".