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for Graph Theory project

Posted by Matt on Jun 17, 2011

Hi everybody,

I was really excited when I found the cool graph visualization on Nodebox Graph Library, but soon it turned out to be Mac-friendly only... Then it's even more exciting to find NodeBox2 : )
because it's a really great job, admirable viz

as I'd like to use it to visualize results of some random walk algorithms, I have some questions:
1. what is the limit of node number for visualization running on a normal PC? 1k? 10k?
2. is it possible to directly plot a graph object generated by NetworkX?
3. is animation of walking on a graph possible? since I saw only image animation in the documentation.

hope there are all positive answers and please point me at where to learn more about graph related functionalities.
Thanks a lot!


Posted by Matt on Jun 17, 2011

forgot one more:

4. can I specify the coornidates of each nodes? if so, other layout algorithms can be employed.

Posted by Matt on Jun 18, 2011

I think what I wanted to say is Nodebox for OpenGL instead of Nodebox2, sorry.