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PhotoBot implements Adobe Photoshop - or any other image manipulation software tool (like Corel PhotoPaint or Gimp) - functionality in NodeBox. For example: with PhotoBot, you can create a tranparent canvas and add image layers to it; transform each layer with rotations, scaling, distort, flip; blend it with the layers below using multiply, overlay, hue blend modes, apply filters like blur, use gradient masks, make polygonal lasso selections, flatten the canvas, and export it to a .png image file with a transparent background.

PhotoBot is built on PIL, the Python Imaging Library, with an easy set of commands open to moderately experienced NodeBox-users. PIL 1.1.4 is bundled in the download below. The advantage of PhotoBot over Photoshop, although a lot slower, is that it can do things in a loop, or store your favourite image manipulations in a function, which you can then use on any image. This way you invent the technique once, store it as a NodeBox script, and apply it to your images while you go out to lunch.

Please report any errors (tom-at-organisms-dot-be). PhotoBot is currently at version Beta 0.8, read the to-do list here for a future release.

If you have Mac OS X 10.4 we recommend using Core Image.


downloadPowerPC | Intel (450KB)
Last updated for NodeBox 1.0rc4.
Author: Tom De Smedt

Canvas commands in the PhotoBot library

Layer commands in the PhotoBot library

Pixel commands in the PhotoBot library