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NodeBox 3 Helsinki Workshop

We did a workshop at [Aalto University - Finland - Helsinki] (http://www.aalto.fi/en/) from 4 till 8 march 2013. Participants were a selection of students from graphic design and media arts. The focus was on data visualization.

Below are some of the final results. To see the process you can visit the workshop blog.

Days of the Tentacle

Toni Enstrom

The idea here was to use data from the walkthrough instructions of a classic 2d adventure game to build a poster visualization out of that. The result is a walkthrough guide to the adventure game [“Day of the Tentacle”] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Tentacle).

The reading of the visualization starts from the gap in the circle, and continues clockwise, line by line. each line tells three things: (1) which playable character does
(2) what action and (3) where

Un / Healthy

Itari Niitamo

Basic idea was to create an infographic that juxtaposes healthy and unhealthy habits in daily life.


  • Amount of exercise per week
  • Percentage of vegetables in meals
  • Happiness index


  • Obesity
  • Cigarette-smoking
  • Hours in a day watching TV

The final result displays the Happiness index and BMI for the top 20 countries in both categories.

Maritime Activity

Minna Piirainen

A classic map visualization with commercial ports, vessels and their routes. The set contains data from 14 vessels and their activity during one month. Data is available at marinetraffic.com

Time Travel Plots

Palash Mukhopadhyay

This visualization works on a datasheet on time travels in popular movies and television shows. The data can be seen here.

It shows information about:

  • who made the time travel.
  • the start and end date of the time travel
  • the reason for travelling into time
  • the method/means used to travel into time.

The final result was quite big and needed zooming in / out because some of the protagonist made huge time jumps. (f.i the Red dwarf crew going back to 1963 from the year 30000000.)

Obesity Worldwide

Bárbara Paz Rebolledo Bustamante

A visualization on obesity which works with data found on the guardian website.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) database contains global comparisons of overweight and obesity for men and women. The final result maps the information on a circle where each spike is a country with an indication of obesity for men on the right side and for women on the left side of the spike. It also shows the trend from 2000 - 2012.